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Our Commitment to Social Responsibility

Making only the finest, most delicious, silky smooth chocolate is what we expect from ourselves, day in and day out. It’s why we’re the only bean-to-bar company to roast our own beans and to oversee every single step in the chocolate-making process.

But creating the finest chocolate product is not the only thing that moves us. Our attention to detail and craft extends beyond taste – and strives for an even greater purpose.

That’s why we were the first chocolate company to pledge to use 100% Rainforest Alliance certified cocoa by 2020 and how we came to be the largest purchaser of certified cocoa in the world.

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It’s why we were the first to create a process to preserve cocoa-flavanols, a heart-healthy natural ingredient in cocoa.

We were the first chocolate company to map the cocoa genome to ensure the sustainability of cocoa production for generations to come. (Cocoa provides a livelihood for over 6.5 million farmers in Africa, South America and Asia and ranks as one of the top 10 agricultural commodities in the world.)

And we were the first to open Cocoa Development Centers in Asia and Africa, training cocoa farmers on more sustainable practices and helping raise their families’ incomes.

It’s also why we’re so passionate about our work with CARE USA to empower women in cocoa communities to start a business and improve their voice in financial decisions. CARE’s Village Savings and Loan Association program provides women with a safe place to save their money, access small loans and invest in their families and futures.

All of that combined – the pleasure and the purpose – is what makes Dove Chocolate Discoveries different from every other chocolate brand on the market today. When you purchase Dove Chocolate Discoveries products, you’re not only supporting an entrepreneur here in the United States, you’re enabling a woman in Côte d'lvoire to access funds to start a business as well!

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We donate directly to CARE USA through the sale of our best-selling 8 oz. Milk Chocolate Cinnamon Dusted Almonds.